Meet Heather McCutcheon

Graduate Intern Counselor
Graduate Intern – Supervised by Kelly Peyton, LPC-S #69599, RPT-S
Heather McCutcheon Graduate Intern Counselor

Heather McCutcheon

Do you feel sad, alone, and hopeless in your marriage? Are you tired of smiling through the day and pretending things are ok when deep down you feel lost and wonder how things got to this point?

Marriage is hard and there is hope. So many of us want to get back what we once had but don’t know what steps to take to get there. Whether your marriage has gone stagnant, and you feel like you are married to a stranger, or it has been devastated by infidelity, we have methods to help get you back on track.

I am a graduate level counselor with a passion for marriage and recovery after infidelity. I understand how life can get in the way of a once-healthy relationship until it feels like it’s too late. Together we can work through challenges, broken dreams, and pain to rebuild your marriage. I provide couples with tools to overcome obstacles, reconnect, and reignite passion that has been lost.

I also care deeply for hurting women who are recovering from a painful relationship. Have you been betrayed by the person that you trusted most? Does it feel impossible to put the shattered pieces of your heart back together? You feel broken and wonder if you can ever trust again.

Healing is possible and there is hope. I have walked with many people through this painful journey and have seen true healing where it once seemed impossible.

You were created to be filled with joy, to know your worth, and to be loved. Working together, we can put back the pieces of your shattered heart and help you find new meaning so you can feel whole again.

Scope of Practice

Low cost and sliding scale counseling services for adults, women and couples

Christian Counseling

Masters student at Liberty University

Gottman Level 1 & 2 Trained

Gottman Marriage Counseling
Specializations in betrayal, trauma, and addiction in relationships
Women’s Issues
Christian Counseling

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