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When you are worried about your teen, nothing is more important. Our expert team can help!

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Are you watching your teen Struggle or Constantly fighting with them?

Perhaps you are watching your once kind and social teen become withdrawn or self-harm. Maybe your once close relationship has now become full of arguments, resentments, or silence as your teen locks themselves in their room or hides behind their screens. It may even be your teen has started acting out or spending time with a group of friends you feel are a bad influence.

With decades of experience working with teens and their families, we know the challenges parents face. The fear, heartache, resentment, and confusion can be overwhelming and parents often begin to feel powerless and hopeless.

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Why Choose Teen Counseling?

The teen years can be difficult for both children and parents. Increasing social pressure, academic demands, hormone changes, and increasing responsibilities all play a role. Parents often come to us exhausted and frustrated trying to help their child reach his or her full potential or from dealing with intense conflict and power struggles.

When your teen is hurting and struggling, it can impact the whole family. Parents experience a wide range of feelings including exhaustion, fear, anger, and hopelessness. Getting your teen the help they need helps parents and entire families heal, find peace, and reconnect again!

Teen Counseling can help!

Counseling can help teens with a variety of issues, including self-harm, suicidal thoughts, problem behaviors, low self-esteem, academic problems, anxiety, and social issues. In therapy your teen can learn to:

  • Identify unhelpful thoughts, behaviors, patterns that contribute to their struggle
  • Learn and use new skills to help cope with difficult feelings
  • Learn how to handle distress and changes in life in new and healthy ways
  • Learn new, effective ways to communicate with friends, family and teachers
  • Gain healthy self-esteem and sense of self
  • Resolve symptoms of trauma that may be present

Our therapists are specifically trained to work with teens and their families struggling with a variety of issues.

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How Do I know if My teenager needs Counseling?

There are several signs you will want to be aware of to determine if your teen needs therapy. As a parent, we believe you are the expert on your child, so if you have concerns we recommend you request a free consultation for more information. You may also want to check out our blog on Normal vs. Abnormal Behavior in Teens. In general, you will want to seek professional help for teen counseling if you see any of the following signs:

  • Sudden changes in mood or personality
  • Withdraw from social groups or family
  • Self-harming behavior or obsessions over appearance or weight
  • Thoughts or talk of death or suicide
  • Repeated risky behavior with substances, sex, or dangerous online behavior
  • Sudden changes in school performance
  • Difficulty with sleep, eating, school attendance, or other daily activities
  • Repeated conflict in the home (lies, breaking rules, outbursts, etc…)

Our Teen Therapists Can Help

Finding a teen therapist specifically trained and experienced in working with adolescents frequently provides the greatest benefit. Our therapists are specially trained in working with teenagers and parents to help them reach their full potential and overcome the difficulties of adolescence. We are experts in working with teenagers and their families.

In teen counseling, your child will learn new, effective ways to handle strong emotions and thoughts, practice new behaviors, and learn new ways to communicate. Parents will learn new strategies for parenting and gain peace of mind knowing their child is getting help.

What can I expect from teen counseling?

We believe that each person is unique and use proven techniques to evaluate and treat teens in counseling. Here is what to expect from teen sessions:

  • How do we start counseling sessions with adolescents? Session 1 will likely be a parent session to learn more about your child, the history of the problem, any previous treatment and to get a full developmental history.
  • The next 2-4 sessions will be used to provide full assessments to determine any diagnoses, and areas for growth and to help your teen feel comfortable in therapy and come up with their own goals.
  • After this initial history-taking, assessment, and relationship-building period, your teen’s therapist will build a customized treatment plan with you and your teen. You will have the opportunity to get any questions answered and learn tools to help you support your teen in their wellness journey.
  • Teens will often benefit from being seen weekly or biweekly in the beginning. Plan on having your teenager attend counseling for at least 12 sessions (this may be more or less depending on your particular teenager).

Our therapists use a variety of teen counseling modalities depending on the particular teen’s needs. Some of these include:

Group of teens walking away. The teenage years are hard. Get your teen the support they need with Therapy for Teens in Katy, TX.

You will want to find a therapist with specific training and background working with teens. You may ask friends or local groups for a recommendation, check with your pediatrician for a referral or spend some time researching therapists online. All of our teen counselors have extensive training and background working with teens. If you need assistance finding the best match, give us a call.

The cost for teen counseling can vary based on experience, location, and availability. At Katy Counseling, we want to make therapy as accessible and affordable as possible and believe in full transparency of pricing. Visit our fees & billing page for details.

Teens with social anxiety may have a combination of general anxiety and low self-esteem. You can gently encourage your teen to try new things such as make a phone call, order their own food at a restaurant, and to learn one new thing about a person they already know. Give them encouragement and support while helping them soothe their fears. The teen years come with a lot of brain changes including beginning to compare themselves to others and some social anxiety can be normal. Therapy to support your child and learn new skills can be very helpful during this adjustment.

Is Your Teen in Need of Additional Support? Teen Counseling in Katy, TX is Here to help.

The type of therapy, length of sessions, and duration of treatment will be determined in collaboration with you after the initial assessment phase and you will be kept in the loop the entire time. That said, we do believe teens should have autonomy and privacy so the specific content of sessions will be kept private to create a safe space for your child to be honest and explore issues.

Other Mental Health Services Offered At Katy Counseling

In addition to offering services for teen counseling, we also offer a wide range of services for adults, couples, and children. These services include Play TherapyAdult Counseling, Counseling for WomenCouples CounselingTrauma Counseling, and Lens Neurofeedback. Our goal is to meet you where you are and help guide you through the issues you are facing in a positive and supportive way.

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Additional Resources for Parents:

How to Really Love your Teen – by Ross Campbell – A great resource to learn how to connect to your teenager

Parenting a Teen Who Has Intense Emotions – by Harvey and Rathbone – An excellent resource for parenting teenagers with difficult behaviors and strong feelings

Smart but Scattered Teens – by Guare, Dawson, Guare, & Craden – An excellent book to help understan ADHD and help parent support teens with ADHD

How to ADHD – YouTube Channel – Another great resource for parents to better understand ADHD and a tool to share with your teen with ADHD. A bonus? It’s in bite sized videos for better attention!

National Aliance on Mental Illness – Resources for Parents to understand a variety of mental health issues and get additional resources.