A group of teens walk down the hallway at school. The teenage years are difficult and full of changes. Get support with Therapy for Teens in Katy, TX.

Navigating the Teenage Brain: 5 Key Factors to Consider

Many parents report that the teenage years are as difficult if not more difficult than the toddler years.  I talk a lot about this in my blog post:  Why Teens are So Hard!  Today I thought I would go into this topic a little more in-depth to help parents understand the important developmental tasks their teen needs to complete before stepping fully into adulthood.

Three teens stand together outside representing the development of friendships and identity in the teenage years. Therapy for Teens in Katy, TX can help with this process,

Establishing an Identity

Many people argue this is the single most important task of adolescence.  During this time teens need to establish a clear understanding of their values, opinions, beliefs, and how they fit into the world.  For many of us adults, this is something that is ongoing or even fluid, however, the teenage years are the foundation for identity.  As a result of this important task, you may see some behavioral changes such as:

  • Spending more time alone in the room or on the phone
  • Spending less time with family & more time with friends
  • Trying new hobbies, interests, clothing styles, hairstyles, and music
  • Experimentation with drugs, alcohol, or sex
  • Increased daydreaming

Establishing Independence

I will go into this topic more in a later post, but this is a task that can often create friction between teens and their parents.  Part of this important task of adolescence is to become independent and figure out their own way in the world.  This often looks like pushing parents away and trying to make decisions on their own.  Frequently parents misinterpret this as defiance or “talking back” when this is perfectly normal and necessary during this time.  Some examples of what this may look like include:

Two teen girls sit together looking at the phone representing the growth in relationships that occur during this phase of life. Help your teen navigate the teenage years with the help of a Teen Therapist in Katy, TX.

Practicing Intimacy & Closeness

This is an important time for teenagers to learn pro-social behavior, how to make and keep friends, and what healthy intimacy looks like.  While this period can include sexual intimacy, the primary goal is to develop healthy emotional intimacy, vulnerability, and boundaries.  You may see some shifts in the way they interact with others including:

  • Intense friendships
  • Strong peer alliances and loyalties
  • Increased time spent with friends in person and online.
  • New crushes or romantic relationships
  • Curiosity about sex and possible exploration of sex or dating

Adjusting to Physical Changes

Part of the changes in the teenage years include massive physical changes in the body.  Teens can become hyper-focused on their appearance and self-conscious.  What you might see in your teen could be:

  • Taking a long time to get dressed or multiple outfit changes.
  • Preoccupation with appearances
  • Increased focus on what others look like
  • Insecurity around body or appearance or shyness

Adjusting to Brain and Hormone Changes

Finally, the last task of adolescence happens completely in the brain itself as teenagers gain access to higher-level abstract thinking.  They are now better able to think hypothetically which in part contributes to increased self-focus as they realize others may have opinions about them.  They are also working on learning how to plan, organize themselves and think of future consequences.  This can cause a myriad of changes such as:

  • Increase risk-taking without thinking of consequences.
  • Increase concerns about how others see them.
  • Increased focus on thoughts and feelings
  • Increased self-focus.
  • Questioning family values, spiritual beliefs, political beliefs
  • Greater black/white thinking
  • Increased forgetfulness and disorganization

Understanding is Vital

While the teenage years can be a hard time for parents and teenagers alike, it can be helpful to understand these are all normal and vital steps to teenage development.  Parents can help support their teens by normalizing what they are going through and coming from a place of encouragement and understanding.  

A group of teenage boys hang out together. The teenage years can be full of ups and downs. If your teen needs help reach out to a teen therapist for Counseling for Teens in Katy, TX.

If your Teenager is Struggling With the Changes They Are Going Through, Reach Out to a Teen Therapist in Katy, TX Today!

While most teenagers will have some bumps along the way, this period can also be ripe for mental health issues.  If your teenager is showing signs of severe behavior problems, difficulty with peer relationships, depression, anxiety, or self-injury, this is a sign your teen needs help.  A specialist in teen counseling at Katy Counseling will help you and your teen navigate these developmental tasks in a healthy and effective way. Follow the steps below to get started.

Other Mental Health Services Offered At Katy Counseling

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