Infidelity Therapy in West Houston – Finding healing from betrayal trauma

Has there been a betrayal in your relationship? Maybe one of you had a physical or emotional affair, or perhaps there has been secret keeping or pornography use.

It may feel impossible, but your relationship CAN heal from infidelity and we can help!

Infidelity Therapy Katy Counseling

The pain of infidelity is weighing you down.

Sometimes when infidelity is happening in your life it can be hard to heal from it. The pain of knowing that your person decided to go out into the world looking to be with someone other than you. The pain of knowing that you have cheated on and have hurt the person that you love so much. The thoughts and mental anguish that come along with being cheated on, wondering if it was your fault or if you did something to deserve the pain you are being put through. Maybe you cheated and now you are having to deal with the misery and sadness that comes along with possibly losing your family. No matter which side of the fence you are on in this situation it is a circumstance filled with pain and hurt.

Counseling can help heal the hurt and broken relationships.

Think about a life in which you are able to forgive and find forgiveness, being able to work through what has been going on in your life. Imagine working through things in such a way that you are not constantly insecure or nervous that it will just happen again, working through doubts that have been placed in your life because of the infidelity in your relationship. Creating goals for yourself and your partner that will help you both to heal and find a new and stronger connection, a bond that is unshakeable. Finding tools that help you to know your partner better, to create safeguards around your relationship, to communicate your needs and to understand your partners needs as well.

A life where you are able to move forward with love and grace.

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How did Infidelity happen? What went wrong?

Our therapists believe that when it comes to infidelity it is not one singular moment, we believe that infidelity is a cascade of moments. (Reference: Gottman Institute)

Turning Away

  • When a partner begins to turn away by ignoring or acting preoccupied with something else. This is where the bidding partner begins to feel rejected.

Negativity and avoidance

  • When the bidding partner begins to suppress feelings and needs due to the negative response they have recently experienced. 

Investing less and comparing more

  • When partners evaluate their relationship in a positive or well reinforced way they are more likely to stay committed. When this is not the case a partner can start comparing their partner to someone else that could make them feel cherished.

Feeling less dependent and making fewer sacrifices

  • As the partner becomes less dependable, trust will reduce. This leads the partner to open up to someone else making the relationships negative qualities shine brighter. 

Trashing vs cherishing

  • As the focus on negative qualities increases, positive characteristics begin to decrease. 

Resentment and loneliness

  • Any positive emotion toward partner turns into bitterness. This built up resentment can cause a person to compare their partner to someone who could “Do it better” and draws out low sexual desire for the partner. 

Idealizing alternative relationships

  • When a person becomes less dependent on their partner anti-relationship thoughts become prevalent. This builds an emotional and physical wall between partners. 

Secrets and crossing boundaries

  • A partner will then begin withholding truth and it will quickly turn into consistent lying. When this happens partners turn against each other and betrayal begins
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Our therapists can help

I know that you may be concerned that because of infidelity there is no light at the end of the tunnel. The therapists at Katy Counseling have seen these situations time and time again and have the tools and knowledge to help heal and build your relationship.

The therapists have studied and learned the most effective techniques available for infidelity and marriage counseling. As a team, the therapist will walk you through those steps and assist you in healing from the traumatic experience.

The Katy Counseling approach to infidelity counseling

Your relationship counselor will start by meeting with you and your partner together to hear from both of you the nature of the infidelity and your goals for the relationship.  After this initial meeting, your therapist will set individual sessions with each of you to allow private space to discuss details relating to the affair, current struggles, and any additional details about yourself and your feelings in the relationship.

After these initial consultations, your therapist will create a custom plan to address the painful betrayal trauma symptoms and help process through the affair.  This process allows the betrayed partner to feel heard and validated, get any questions answered, and begin to rebuild safety in the relationship.  

This is an important part of the process and we highly recommend this be done with a trained couples therapist in infidelity as drip disclosures and blame shifting can result without it and cause further harm to the relationship.

Once partners have recovered from the initial painful and traumatic impacts of infidelity and betrayal, they may wish to work on underlying issues.  At this time, your counselor will switch to more traditional couple’s therapy.

What is holding you back?

You have already been through so much pain, the trauma experienced is unexplainable. Why wait any longer to find a place of healing and hope? Is your schedule busy? We offer Telehealth visits. Is counseling new for you, maybe you don’t know what to expect? Your first visit will be with your counselor who will partner with you to find measurable goals and work with you to create a treatment plan that reaches those goals.

There are several signs you can look for in your relationship that suggest you need professional help with couples counseling. Do you have any of these in your relationship?

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