Our FAQ page provides answers to common questions about therapy, our practice, and how we can support your mental health and well-being.

We understand that taking the first step toward therapy can make you feel vulnerable, but our compassionate therapists and support team are here to help you through the process and ensure that it’s as comfortable and easy as possible.

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You can find all our prices listed on our Fees & Billing page.

We do not accept any insurance. However, we are happy to courtesy bill your insurance for out-of-network coverage or provide a superbill. You can find a more detailed explanation for why we don’t accept insurance here.

We offer a free 15-minute consultation to give you a chance to see if we would be a good fit to work together. To schedule a consultation, please fill out this form, and our client coordinator will be in touch.

This depends on what kind of counseling you’re receiving. For all sessions, please complete your therapy intake paperwork online and bring your drivers license and any other document you deem necessary such a court paperwork.

If you’re working with us for child counseling or Teen Therapy, please note that your first session will likely be a parent session. In that case, please don’t bring your child.

Instead, bring your child’s intake paperwork and any documentation, including court documents pertaining to the child, such as custody and visitation orders.  We will make copies of these for you and give you the originals back.

This session will give you the opportunity to see where your child will receive therapy, learn about how child therapy works, ask questions, provide relevant social and developmental history, set treatment goals, and learn about your role in your child’s therapy.

Typically a parent will accompany the child into the therapy office for the first few minutes of the session to go over confidentiality and informed consent, after which the parent will be asked to go back to the waiting area for the remainder of the session.

After this time, the remainder of the session allows for your child to get to their therapist and for your child’s therapist to learn a little more about your child or teen. They will discuss treatment goals and begin developing a treatment plan based upon this session and the previous parent session.

Katy Counseling believes in a collaborate approach in counseling adults, couples, children and teens.

For Child and Teen Therapy:

Your child’s therapist will typically see a child for three sessions and then have a follow-up parent session every forth appointment.

The follow up parent sessions allow for progress reporting as well for your child’s therapist to provide information and skills to you in order to work with your child on therapy goals at home.

However, in many cases, parents may attend all or part of a session with their child or teen. This may be necessary with younger children with emotional difficulties to allow parents to participate in learning skills to help regulate a child or to build safe attachment with children who has trauma or attachment issues.

Parents of teens may also enter therapy sessions to work on communication with their child or to learn skills alongside their child. Given this, please plan to stay at the counseling center during your child’s appointment. This is also important should an emergency arise. Please talk with your child’s counselor about your child’s particular case and therapeutic needs should you need to bring siblings to sessions.

For Couples:

Your Therapist will likely meet with each partner individually following the initial intake session. You may also be asked to complete several assessments to determine areas of your relationship that are working and those that may need more help.

After these individual sessions, your therapist will meet back with you as a couple to go over all assessment results and begin working with you to establish an agreed upon plan of treatment and a schedule that works best for the couple whether hourly, multi hour, or intensive therapy formats.

For Individuals:

Similar to couples, your therapist may assign assessments to better understand your particular strengths and areas for growth. You will work with your therapist to establish goals for treatment and have a clear understanding of what “being well” looks like for you.

We believe in working with client’s to create a custom treatment plan which will be done at follow up sessions. You will then begin working on those goals together in the following therapy sessions.

Each person (including a child) is different as is each presenting issue. Some people find relief within 4 to 6 sessions or a single intensive session, while others may need longer term care.

On average, clients will come to therapy once a week or once every other week for an average of 12-15 sessions. Some client’s prefer to do therapy in a more intensive format and come for several hours at a time over a day to and find complete relief of their symptoms after these session.

Your counselor will discuss you or your child’s particular needs and treatment plan at your initial and follow-up sessions and work with you to develop a counseling plan you both agree to.

Complaints against a therapist may be made through the Texas Behavioral Health Council. You may find the online complaint form here. Or you may reach them by US Post at George H.W. Bush State Office Bldg., 1801 Congress Ave., Ste. 7.300, Austin, TX 78701 or by phone at (512) 305-7700

Please feel free to contact us, and one of our team members would be more than happy to answer your questions.