Divorce and separation counseling in Katy, TX

Divorce and separation counseling in Katy TX Katy Counseling

You’re going through a separation or divorce and it is so hard.

The pain a person goes through when they are separated from the person they chose to be with is so strong, it’s a pain that seeps into other areas of your life. Maybe this was your choice and making this separation happen will be the best for you in the long run, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt just as much.

Perhaps, this was not your decision and all you can hope for is a healing and to get back together with your significant other. Divorce and separation from a life partner can look so different to so many people. Whether you have children or not there are decisions that have to be made through this painful period of your life. All you want is to find some sort of peace through all of the pain.

Separation counseling can help to bring you peace.

Separation counseling can help you to find peace in this otherwise painful time. The counselors here at Katy Counseling are able to meet you wherever you are during this time and walk through it with you. When you have a safe space to share all of your thoughts and feelings about what you are going through with the intent of helping you find a place of healing, whether that is in your own life or with your significant other.

If both your significant other and yourself are interested in reconciliation, our therapists can work with both of you as a team to work through the things that are pulling you apart to help you find different tools to strengthen your relationship.

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Reasons to need divorce or separation Counseling

Some reasons for divorce or separation may be:

  • Infidelity 
  • Commitment issues 
  • Financial issues
  • Marrying too young
  • Violence 
  • Constant conflict 
  • Arguing often
  • Growing apart
  • Addiction
  • Communication issues
  • Physical incapacity

What divorce and separation counseling entails:

  • Discuss both positive and negative emotions
  • Teaching coping skills 
  • Help to move towards a new life
  • Creates a healthier outlook 
  • Encouraging and empowering 
  • Help to look at relationship in a balanced way
  • Encourages each partner to look deep into their own life

Our therapists can help

The therapists at Katy Counseling are able to partner with you to help you come up with a treatment plan to best guide you to your intended goal. Our therapists will find out from you what you are looking to get out of counseling and use their training to come up with some easily measurable steps to get you to where you would like to be.

Our therapist know what it feels like to be afraid that your marriage will end. They have sat hand in hand with many who were trying to figure out their next steps or trying to make sense of it all. Our therapists will use the Gottman Method, which is a type of therapy that is world renowned and used by many successful relationship therapists. 

A couple holding hands sitting beside each other receiving marital counseling

The Katy Counseling approach to divorce and separation counseling

Together we will work to identify your specific goals for counseling. You and your soon to be ex may want to work together with one of our relationship counselors to navigate the best way to separate without conflict. Or, perhaps you need individual support to help navigate the changes and grief that come along with separation and divorce.

Our therapists will work with you to map out a plan for soothing difficult emotions, tolerate the distress of change, communicate effectively and handle each step of the process.

What is holding you back from Separation Counseling?

What do you think is holding you back from Separation counseling? Do you not have the time? At Katy Counseling we are glad to offer not only in person, but also Telehealth visits to residents of Texas. Do you not believe that counseling can fix your specific issue? Why not give it a shot and allow our counselors to use scientifically proven methods to help you through this hard time? If it is worth it to you to find healing, then reach out for help or request a complimentary consult today.

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