Couples Counseling that works

Tired of fighting? Feeling disconnected or lacking connection and romance? Financial stress, children, work challenges and broken trust all strain a relationship.

Together, we will work with you to restore peace, trust, deep connection, and passion in your relationship!

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Couples Counseling Can & Does work!

Most couples know they are in trouble but have no idea why. They spend time holding resentments, losing hope or resigning themselves to being trapped in a relationship that will either die out or stay miserable. Your relationship does NOT have to remain stagnant or become another sad statistic.

In fact, our therapists can accurately identify which relationships will likely fail within a 94% accuracy. This means that together with your therapist, you will be able to find the exact reason why you are struggling in your relationship. We will work with you to help correct the issues and reclaim the marriage or relationship you dreamt of.

When both of you are fully committed to the process, the Association of Marriage and Family Therapy says couples receiving counseling report a satisfaction rate as high as 98%! We will work with you to make sure you are one of them!

Some of the Benefits of Couples Counseling Include:

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  • Increased Empathy and Understanding between partners
  • Increased Intimacy, respect, and affection
  • Resolution of verbal conflicts in the relationship
  • Improvement of stagnation in the relationship
  • Improvement in the friendship system
  • Development of problem solving and communication skills
  • Healing from betrayal and affair repair

Through therapy, couples can learn effective communication skills, develop a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and feelings, and gain tools to manage and resolve conflicts. Counseling can also help couples strengthen their emotional connection, rebuild trust, and improve intimacy.

Couples Counseling provides a safe and confidential space for you as a couple to discuss your issues and concerns the guidance of an experienced therapist with tools to help you restore deep connection and communication.

Couples counseling can be beneficial for couples at any stage of their relationship, from premarital counseling to working through long-standing issues in a long-term partnership. By addressing and resolving issues in a constructive and healthy way, couples can improve their overall relationship satisfaction and build a stronger, more fulfilling partnership.

Signs your Relationship is in trouble and needs help

There are several signs you can look for in your relationship that suggest you need professional help with couples counseling. Do you have any of these in your relationship?

  • Your discussions often start off harsh and critical
  • You or your partner often criticize each other
  • There are signs of contempt in the relationship such as eye-rolling
  • Arguments often turn defensive with one partner blaming the other for the problems
  • Communication comes to a complete stop and the silent treatment
  • Emotional flooding and poor body language during arguments
  • Unresolved conflict that have never been repaired
  • Negative memories are more present than positive ones

Our Therapists can help

Our couples therapists know what it feels like to worry your marriage is falling apart.
We have sat with countless other couples who weren’t sure what the next move was or
how to move forward. Our couples counselors are all specially trained to offer marriage counseling and use the Gottman Method, one of the most researched and proven techniques available to help couples in need.

We have helped couples at various stages restore trust, rebuild connection, and reignite the passion in their relationship. We can help you, too!

Katy Counseling’s approach to Couples counseling

When you first come in for relationship counseling you will come together. Your therapist will listen to your primary concerns, assign assessments to better understand your particular challenges and develop a schedule for therapy that fits your needs whether weekly or intensive format.

You will then each meet with your counselor individually. This allows each of you to bring any issues to therapy that may be difficult to bring up with your partner present. It will also allow your couples therapist to better understand your personal dynamics, family of origin, and goals for therapy.

Once you have completed all assessments and had your individual sessions, your therapist will meet back together with you as a couple to review the results and develop a customized treatment plan with you. You plan may include processing painful betrayals, re-establishing trust, re-building friendship, or addressing intimacy issues.

You will work together with your therapist to improve every aspect of your relationship. All follow up couples counseling sessions will be 2-hour sessions. Couples should plan to commit to a MINIMUM of 3 months of therapy. When you remember that most couples have been experiencing distress for 5 years prior to coming to couples counseling, it can make sense to at LEAST given it 3 months to see if progress can be made.

In rare cases, your therapist may suggest individual therapy over couples counseling. This may happen for a variety of reasons including unresolved trauma, or other mental health disorders. Additionally, your therapist will not conduct couples therapy during an active and ongoing affair, with domestic violence currently occurring or other underlying serious disorders needing treatment.

What is stopping you from starting Couples Counseling today?

Couples often have several reasons they delay coming to therapy. Here are some we hear often:

“Couples therapy is too expensive”

While any therapy is an investment and insurance typically does not cover it, the cost of a divorce or separation is far more expensive than therapy ever could be. Throw in children and the cost of separation or divorce becomes even more expensive and damaging long term. Why not invest in saving the relationship before spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars if it fails.

” We don’t have time”

We offer couples counseling in both weekly and intensive formats both virtually and in person. Additionally, we have therapists who work evenings and weekends making it more flexible and convenient than ever for couples to seek help.

“We tried counseling before and it didn’t help”

Sadly, we hear this more than we like to admit. This is one reason we are committed to providing only research proven counseling methods for couples that have the best possible success outcomes. It is also why we carefully screen all couples for any barriers to treatment and refer for individual treatment where needed to aid in more successful outcomes. We are committed to seeing each and every couples reach their goals and get the relationship they deserve.

Most couples wait over 5 years before seeking professional help. Don’t wait a moment longer!

Marriage counseling or relationship counseling with a therapist specializing in relationship problems can help you learn skills and tools to save your relationship. You are not in this alone. If you need strategies to repair and rebuild your relationship, Katy Counseling is here to help. Follow the steps below to start your journey to a new, healthier relationship:

Other Mental Health Services Offered At Katy Counseling

In addition to offering services for couples, we also offer a wide range of services for adults, teens, and children. These services include Play TherapyTeen Counseling, Counseling for WomenIndividual CounselingTrauma Counseling, and Lens Neurofeedback. Our goal is to meet you where you are and help guide you through the issues you are facing in a positive and supportive way.