Child Anxiety Therapy in West Houston

Is your child suffering from social anxiety, phobias, or paralyzed by fear? We are child anxiety therapy experts. Our play therapists will help your child heal and thrive again.

Child with anxiety with hands on head

Your child is struggling with anxiety

It doesn’t seem fair that your child is struggling day by day with anxiety. Child anxiety is so hard to watch. Kids are supposed to be full of joy and excitement, not full of fear and unable to enjoy life. When you think about other kids you think about all of the fun they get to have and the exciting new things they get to jump into with the wonder and joy that only children can do.

However, your child is scared to do regular day to day things and it is holding them back. Other kids are having sleepovers, your kid’s child anxiety is afraid to leave you at nights in fear that you may not come back or something will happen to one of you. Other kids are excited to go on road trips, yours is afraid to ride in the car. Other kids are tearing up with laughter, yours is tearing up with another panic attack.

There seems to be no hope or security for your child. Anxiety in young children can reveal itself in many different ways and it feels like your child is struggling so badly. Whether it is general anxiety, separation anxiety in older child, medication induced anxiety or panic attacks it is all very hard to watch your child go through it on their own. The good news, is there is hope and healing! The research demonstrates therapy for children with anxiety is the most effective way to help children heal and thrive again!

child Anxiety therapy can help

Imagine your kid being able to get dropped off at school without having to worry about them trying to escape again, bringing your kid to a sleep over and for what seems like the first time ever they stay the whole night, or if you were finally able to see your kid feel genuinely safe and hopeful in their different relationships.

What if there was a way to help your child find healthy coping mechanisms so that they can feel confident that they are safe and secure in their lives? Imagine your kid with child anxiety living with the tools and understanding of what they are going through so that they would be able to recognize when anxiety is on its way. What if they learned what triggered their anxiety so that when it was happening they could find a way to calm their storm before it even begins.?

Your child could discover what is at the core of their anxiety so that they could begin to work through it to find peace. A life where your child is no longer being taken over by fear and can begin to live a life they love again is possible. When you reach out to find professional help for your loved one struggling with child anxiety you will see the difference that therapy can make. All of these prior scenarios can become your child’s new reality. This could be the solution you have been looking for so that your child is one step closer to true peace.

Symptoms and triggers of child anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety can look different from case to case. Children will often times display their anxiety in different ways. While some children may begin having trouble in school, some may hyper fixate on their schoolwork. Some children may be eating more than they would normally eat, while other children might have an extremely decreased appetite.

Since each child’s symptoms can be so different it is important to talk to a mental health professional about what is going on with your child! The trained professionals at Katy Counseling know exactly what to look for to be able to best reach your child. See below for causes of anxiety and symptoms your kid may need child anxiety counseling:

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  • Trouble sleeping
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Stomach aches 
  • Anger
  • Fearful of:
    • Being away from family 
    • Of school 
    • Specific things/objects
    • Some places
    • Some people


  • Loss
  • Serious illness 
  • Death of a loved one
  • Abuse
  • Violence
  • It can also be a learned behavior
play therapist providing counseling for children of divorce

Our Therapists can Help

Here at Katy Counseling your child will be able to find hope. Our counselors are able to walk through this very difficult time hand in hand with your family. Each of our therapists have been professionally trained to deal with these types of situations. Our therapists have partnered with many families with children with anxiety in the past.

Our therapists will meet with the parents at the initial visit to hear first hand what is going on with your child. At this visit your therapist will come up with an initial plan of action that will be specific to your child’s needs. This plan will include measurable goals so that you will be able to continue to track your child’s progress and growth.

What’s stopping you?

There is a ton going on in your day to day life. Your kid is busy with school, sports, and other extracurricular activities. We understand a busy schedule, that is why we offer both in office and telehealth visits as well as weekday, evening and weekend appointments. Maybe this was an added expense that you were not expecting. We understand, there are multiple payment options available. Take the next step, for your child’s mental health.

Other Mental Health Services Offered At Katy Counseling

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