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At Katy Counseling, we are dedicated to using research-driven, highly effective counseling methods grounded in brain-based clinical care. We also believe that clients should partner with their therapist to understand and agree to a specific plan of treatment with clear and measurable outcomes. We are private pay practice and are not in network with any insurance as we believe this hinders the therapeutic process and can cause privacy concerns for our clients.

The entrance doorway for Katy Counseling, a therapy practice in Katy, TX
Main reception area for Katy Counseling office in Katy, Texas for Child Therapy, Adult Therapy, Trauma Therapy

How Katy Counseling Came To Be

Katy Counseling was founded out of a desire to serve the community around us in desperate need of solutions. As such, we are dedicated to help people cope with and ultimately thrive in a world that sometimes seems designed to be against them.

We come from years of experience seeing beautiful, kind, intelligent and loving people struggle against daily challenges. The desire of our hearts is to give the skills and tools needed to thrive in this pitfall-riddled landscape that is life.

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our process

We offer a signature therapy process. Our unique approach focuses on time spent gathering as much information as possible. After this, we partner with you to create a counseling plan..

We then work together to put that plan into action. We will check in frequent to be sure you are getting the best possible results.

Katy Counseling office for children, teens and couples
Child playing with therapist showing what is play therapy

Thorough Assessment

We start by taking a complete history. This allow us to understand your story and the unique factors of your life, circumstances, and your current struggle. Once this is complete, we will use in depth assessment tools to further identify potential areas of growth. Finally, we will work with you to identify specific goals for therapy.



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Working Phase

After the planning phase, you and your therapist will partner together to work your specific goals along with periodic reassessment and progress check-ins. We believe, that people are precious and wonderfully complex. 

Every individual is different, unique and beautiful and we want to help our clients realize, believe and resemble those facts!  Our approach to care is guided and customized for each person.



Sand Tray therapy in Katy, TX


Collaborative Treatment Planning

Once the assessment phase is complete, our therapists will work with you to create a strategic plan to address your individual goals. This plan will be tailored to your specific needs, the time commitment you are able to make, and any additional concerns you may have.

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Our Purpose

We love people. We want to stop interpersonal pain and struggle. We want to do all we can to help our clients have more healthy and rewarding personal relationships and to achieve their full potential.

Kelly Peyton, LPC-S, RPT-S, CCTP

Clinical Director

Our Mission

At Katy Counseling, our goal is to serve Katy and the Greater Houston Area compassionately and effectively taking a caring approach that is grounded in a clinically based treatment plan.  We are dedicated to providing compassionate, clinically sound treatment individually tailored to each person’s needs and goals. 

Our hope is that every individual who comes through the doors of Katy Counseling will feel at ease, taken care of and fully seen. We know how scary it can be to come to a counselor and that people want to understand exactly what to expect. As a result, we want to partner with you at every step in the process.

We also know that many individuals are coming to us in crisis and want help as quickly as possible.  That is why we have created a process to collaborate with clients, not insurance companies, to create the most effective and efficient treatment plan.

This means that we are able to offer different options for therapy, such as longer or more frequent sessions or intensives. Unfortunately, these longer sessions are often not allowed by insurance and so many private practices do not offer them. Sadly, that can feel like doing heart surgery one hour at a time instead of all-in-one sitting. We believe people deserve better and will not allow insurance companies to keep people hurting longer than needed.

Katy Counseling Service Areas

We serve clients in the Katy, TX area and surrounding West Houston area including the suburbs of Cypress, Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenburg, Fulshear, Brookshire, Cinco Ranch, Cross Creek Ranch, Cane Island, Grand Lakes, Kelliwood, Parkway Oaks, Firethorn, Falcon Point, Grayson Lakes and more.